Hi! My name is Caryn and I write this blog.

I was born in Taiwan and raised in sunny Los Angeles. I have a penchant for weekend coffee/brunch hangouts and all-day fat food adventures. I get really excited whenever I hear, “Let’s get a drink”. I (try to) cook on the weekdays.

I also like looking at pretty things. I have a strange love for birds. I’m addicted to subscription boxes. I watch various Youtube vlogs. I peruse Pinterest and West Elm catalogs and wish I own everything. I live with a very fluffy and temperamental dog who I lovingly refer to as the ‘beardog’.

When I’m not dealing with all of the above, I work with kiddos. I jump on trampolines and play Candyland for a living. There could be worse things.


If you want to reach me, email at: caryn [@] hungrymusings.com

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