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May 19, 2016
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One of my all time favorite finds is a little local boutique coffee shop in Pasadena called Lavender & Honey. When I first discovered this place, my love for coffee was just blossoming and I have always loved almost lavender anything. Knowing that there was a place close to me that blended it together was an automatic MUST-GO.

This place is cute. Like, Instagram-picture-perfect cute. The decor is sweet and the pretty chalkboard signsΒ (which are pretty much a staple in coffee houses) were a nice touch. Unfortunately, I should have taken more pictures of the place in retrospect now that I realize I’m practically reviewing this place right now, but it’s ok… just go for yourself! Especially when you’re in the Pasadena area πŸ™‚

Ok, so my absolute favorite drink to get here, hot or cold, is the French Lavender Breve. It’s a perfect blend of creamy with a lovely touch of lavender. It’s beautiful! On a regular basis, I usually drink cold brews or regular french-pressed or drip coffee (just black, FYI), but every time I come here… it’s really to get this drink. I can’t possibly order a cold brew while I step foot in this place. I’ve only tried one other drink and that’s the Honeybee Latte. Also, really good! Especially if you like honey anything.

One of the other things that really struck me about this place is their interesting offerings of food. Usually, a lot of the coffee places I go to do serve pastries and things, but Lavender & Honey serves more of a unique fare. I HAD to try their lavender & honey toast, since it’s a namesake food item. I’ve also had their HUGE veggie taco salad (I had to emphasize huge, because the portions were actually really quite huge!), that was busting with guacamole and cheese. Healthy choice? Maaaaaybeeee not, but I definitely didn’t complain.

Anywho, onto life. I’ve been trying my best to get back into this whole blogging thing, but school & finals are sort of getting in the way. Plus, tiredness. It was one thing spending 12+ hours straight on campus back when I was a young 20-something, but now that I’m nearing my 30’s (OH GOD), spending more than 10 hours on campus is an incredible drain. HOWEVER, despite that, I feel so alive and optimistic because of it. You know, new life paths and everything ;). I truly do love learning again and I’m a strong advocate that no matter how old you are, you should always be learning. It makes you feel young and feel a little more in control of life. As I get older, I’m beginning to feel that the phrase “ignorance is bliss” is only attributed to the very young. Ignorance as an adult should not be celebrated. You need to know why certain things occur (whether socially or physically) in order to understand people, the world, or yourself. If you have the capable means and time to educate yourself, and you choose to not do so, you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

Ok, ok. /end soapboxtalk

I’m going to try and post a bit more when I’m able to. The “draft” list just keeps on growing ;). However, I am better about Instagram, so you can definitely follow me there if you like (it’s more food based, but if that’s what you’re into… then there you go!)

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