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sushi cravings & mac n’ cheetos

April 2, 2015
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This is a bit of throwback Thursday action. I’ve been having various cravings lately and I’m sure most of it is due to the fact that my schedule this week has been very thrown off. Spring break is in session for some of the kiddos that I work with, so I’ve been home a little more often in the mornings to spend time lounging and playing with the nephew. The boyfriend has been bit of a busy bee as of late, so instead of grocery shopping for the typical week for the two of us, I opted instead to make it a “eat-whatever-the-hell-we-have-around-the-pantry” week. So it’s been a boxed couscous and frozen dumplings sort of week.

So with all the extra time I have from not needing to cook anything, what else do I do? Browse the internet and stumble upon amazing things like theΒ mac n’ cheetos (it’s an actual thing and it’s in Long Beach). It’s slightly disgusting, completely bad for you, and very intriguing. Anyone down to try?! Very serious.

Anyway, back to the picture. On weekends whenever the boyfriend and I feel too lazy to really eat out anywhere, we get take-out from this amazing little sushi joint a couple minutes away from me (Yama Seafood). You can’t eat there (there’s even a sign telling you not to). It’s a very small, non-descript sort of place and it’s run by a sweet Japanese couple. One side of the store has a little fridge section where you can pick up pre-made rolls such as spicy tuna, salmon&avocado, and California rolls. The other side has a refrigerated display of fresh fish caught and bought just that week. You pick out the slice you want and they cut it up into sashimi pieces for you. You pay by the pound and it’s all quite good. Depending on the time of day, it’s usually quite quick. However, if you go during lunch/dinner rush hour, you run the risk of going when they’re out of rolls or out of whatever fish you were meaning to get. Also, the lines can get LONG. I’ve waited nearly 2 hours once. I’ve only seen one person in charge of slicing up the fish, so that really backs things up.

They will always have my business though. I just avoid the peak hours. Sometimes, if we go later in the evening, the very sweet owner will occasionally give us complementary rice or a surprise scallop or two with our order. Repeat business, foh’sho.

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